Building a Microsoft Flow that Populates Excel workbook with Email information

  1. Prepare an Excel workbook (save it in OneDrive or Teams or SharePoint) with the following fields listed as shown:

Fig 1. Create a Workbook in an online repository like SharePoint. Add your table

  • In Flow start creating a new Flow with the Event being “Receiving a Gmail” . Click on the Advanced Options. Enter the criteria you need, for example,   

Fig 2, Add an Event item at the beginning of your flow

  • Add an Excel step as shown below (“Add a row”). It will display the fields it finds in the table you specified. In my example I have a table with three columns : Email Received Date, Subject, Sender’s Name. You type the Dynamic Content item in that pop up box as per Fig 4., below. Click the Gmail item that appears. This will add itself to your “Add a row into a table” form, as per Fig 3. Repeat for other table fields.

Fig 3. Add a second step to your flow “Add a row into a table” form the Excel set

Fig 4. Type “Sender” into the Dynamic Content pop up. The Gmail item “Sender’s Name” appears

  • Click Save. See Fig 5.

Fig 5. After adding all your Flow elements (steps) click the Save button

  • In the top right hand corner of you screen click on “Flow checker” and then “Test”.

Fig 6. Click Flow checker and Test

  • The result of the flow looks like this in the Excel Workbook:

Fig 7. Excel is now populated with your Email information