• Microsoft Office Solution Repair and Development
  • VBA Programming
  • Data Assurance (data quality checking and cleansing).
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Forecasting
    • Automated reporting
    • Self-updating dash-boarding,
    • Self-populating invoices,
    • Key Performance Indicator reporting and calculation,
    • ¬†Month-End, Quarterly and Annual Report production and distribution

Our Services Offered

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Analysis.ie is a specialist data analysis and solutions development company working with Microsoft Office technologies. Other services provided include Data Assurance, reporting and analysis.

Are your Microsoft Office spreadsheets, databases and Office suite reporting applications proving too difficult, time consuming and costly to operate and maintain?

  • At Analysis we can provide you with an on-going maintenance, repair and development service for your desktop based Microsoft Office applications, systems and files.
  • We can repair, modify and develop macros and VBA code for your Microsoft Office applications.
  • Do you have weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or regular ad-hoq reports needing to be produced using Microsoft Office files? Just provide your technical requirements and we at analysis.ie will deliver quality and prompt solutions.
  • We at Analysis.ie offer a reporting service that also includes the hardcopy printing and delivery, if required, of such reports.
  • From the initial meeting to the provision of a quote and contract agreement you can be assured you and your business will receive a thoroughly professional and cost effective service every step of the way.
  • The savings in time, effort and money that we can bring to your employees and business systems and process will far out-way its relatively low cost. Indeed, when creating an Estimate for you we will ascertain the total cost-saving that our service will bring to your business.
  • Why not make an appointment today and find out how quickly and easy it is to solve your reporting and data analysis tasks? Use the Contact Form.
  • For those businesses wanting an on-going Microsoft Office VBA Help Desk Service, rather than single-project development then this is provided via a subscription payment option. This is currently open to both individuals and businesses. Businesses are charged at a rate depending on how many employees would be using the service. The more employees the cheaper the rate. Our charges are the most competitive in Ireland and the United Kingdom. For a full list of our rates use the Contact Form to contact us.