• Azure Platform Architecting
    • Azure Data Factory
    • Azure Databricks (big data solution development)
    • Logic Apps
    • SQL Database Service
    • Cognitive Services solution development
  • Microsoft Office 365 Solution Development
    • Office Script Programming
    • VBA Programming
    • Office 365 solution architecting
  • Power Platform Solution Development
    • Power Apps
    • Power Automate
    • Power BI
    • Premium Capacity
    • Embedded Capacity web page building
  • Data Assurance (data quality checking and cleansing).
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Forecasting
    • Automated reporting
    • Self-updating dash-boarding,
    • Self-populating invoices,
    • Key Performance Indicator reporting and calculation,
    •  Month-End, Quarterly and Annual Report production and distribution

Our Services Offered

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Analysis.ie is a specialist data analysis and solutions development company working with Microsoft Office technologies. Other services provided include platform architecting, data assurance, reporting and analysis.

Quality of Service

  • From the initial meeting to the provision of a quote and contract agreement you can be assured you and your business will receive a thoroughly professional and cost effective service every step of the way.
  • The savings in time, effort and money that we can bring to your employees and business systems and process will far out-weigh its relatively low cost. Indeed, when creating an Estimate for you we will ascertain the total cost-saving that our service will bring to your business.
  • Why not make an appointment today and find out how quickly and easy it is to solve your reporting and data analysis tasks? Use the Contact Form.
  • For those businesses wanting an on-going support Help Desk Service, rather than a single-project development then this is provided via a subscription payment option. This is currently open to both individuals and businesses. Businesses are charged at a rate depending on how many employees would be using the service. The more employees the cheaper the rate. For a full list of our rates use the Contact Form to contact us.